Laugh Out Loud with Pizza Jokes for Kids!

Ready to laugh? Pizza lovers of all ages will love these pizza jokes for kids, so order up a slice of fun at home or in the parks with these punny jokes.

If you are looking for the best pizza place for kids at Disney’s Hollywood Studios you’ll find it at PizzeRizzo! This Muppet themed restaurant is run by none other than Rizzo the rat, from the Muppets. The outside of the eatery looks like a New York style pizza parlor. I

f you’ve been to Disney’s Hollywood Studios before, PizzeRizzo is in the former location of the Toy Story themed Pizza Planet—directly across from Muppets Vision 3D and Miss Piggy’s glorious water fountain.

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Cool temps, delicious pizza and witty puns make this area of Hollywood Studios is a great way to spend a few hours when the afternoon heat rises. It’s a great way to slow down and grab some great pizza. Not only that, but it’s rare to find kids who aren’t pizza lovers, but do you know something else kid’s love? Funny pizza jokes! Here are some of the best pizza jokes for kids that we could find! 

Ready to digest these hilarious pizza jokes? They’re deliciously cheesy and perfect for dinner time laughs or at pizza parties. 

No matter how you slice it, these clean jokes are sure to get a laugh from even the most serious fast food fans. From Domino’s pizza jokes to New York-style pizza jokes, you’ll barely be able to get through the rest of your pizza with this funny collection. Print them out and share them with the whole family at home or while you’re cooling off in the Disney Parks.

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Hilarious Jokes about Pizza for Kids

Whether you are having a make your own pizza party, enjoying a pizza night at home, or just waiting for your order at the local pizza shop, this collection of pizza humor and funny jokes are sure to keep the family entertained! No matter what kind of pizza you like, you’re sure to laugh out loud at each funny joke. I mean, is there really such a thing as a bad pizza joke? 

How do you fix a broken slice of pizza? 

With tomato paste!

Have you ever overcooked a Hawaiian pizza? 

Should’ve cooked it at aloha temperature

What did the pizza slicer say when he wanted to rob the bank?

Hand over the dough or I’ll cut you!

What do you call a sleeping pizza? 


Why didn’t the restaurant finish making the take-out pizza order?

They ran out of thyme.

What did the pizza maker say before robbing a bank? 

I love making pizza, but I really knead more dough. 

What does an aardvark order on their pizza? 


Where does Jabba eat dinner?

Pizza Hut

What is pizza’s favorite movie? 

Pie Hard

What type of person can’t decide which pizza to get? 

An indeSLICEive one!

What’s the difference between a good pizza joke and a bad one? 

The delivery! 

What’s an Italian restaurant’s favorite song? 

Slice, slice baby! 

I fell asleep with a pizza in the oven today. 

Burned 2000 calories.

A mummified macaroni pizza was uncovered in Italy today.

The man who uncovered it says, “It’s a pizza of history.”

Did you hear how wood fired pizza?

I wonder how pizza’s gonna get a job now?

What do you call a fake pizza? 

A pepper-phony pizza! 

What did the kid say after eating the frozen pizza? 

That wasn’t well thawed out! 

What did the pizza say when he saw his date? 

I never sausage a beautiful face. 

If pizza could talk, what would it say? 

Lots of cheesy things! 

What is a dog’s favorite type of pizza?


Did you hear about the Italian chef who was quit?

Now he’s just a pizza history.

What kind of pizza chef doesn’t like pizza?

A weirdough.

Where do pepperonis go on vacation? 

The Leaning Tower of Pizza

Is it hard to make homemade lasagna? 

Nah, it’s a pizza cake

If a crab worked at a pizza business what station would he work at? 

The crust station!

What did the pepperoni pizza say to the mushroom?

Slice to meat you!

Best Pizza Puns

“Get out there and cheese the day!”

“You’re a real pizza work!”

“This pizza is history in the baking!”

“You wanna pizza me?”

“Slice to meet you!”

“You wanna pizza my heart?”

So what do you think? Are these funny jokes some of the best food jokes you’ve heard? No matter your age, this great collection of pizza jokes for kids is sure to tickle your funny bone. Print them off and share them tonight! And if you have any awesome pizza jokes to share, drop them in the comments! 

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