Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages for Fans of All Ages

Ask anyone between the ages of 2 and 102, who their favorite Disney character is and they’ll probably say Mickey Mouse. So it makes sense that Mickey Mouse coloring pages are the number one requested coloring sheets of Disney fans.

They’re fun to color, and the kids love them! But what about adults? Mickey has been around for over 90 years, which means that there are plenty of people who have grown up with him – or even just seen his movies. He has a timeless appeal that draws in all ages.

It’s time to take a look at the best of Mickey Mouse coloring pages for adults and kids.

One thing I love about these coloring sheets is how they are classic “Mickey.” They show off his signature round ears and white glove hands, and the adorable red shorts he wears.

How Mickey Mouse Was Created

Mickey Mouse started as a character in Disney’s “Steamboat Willie,” the first sound cartoon. He was created by Walt Disney for the Walt Disney Company in 1928. In 1932, Mickey became the first animated character to have a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and was named Disney’s mascot in 1968.

Mickey Mouse has been one of America’s most popular cartoon characters for decades because he embodies qualities that people can relate to: honesty and innocence.

Meet Mickey’s Friends: Mouse Friends’ Names

When Disney fans think of Mickey Mouse, no doubt you think of his friends too—especially the “fab five”. You’ll often find the big cheese with his pals. Here are Mickey Mouse friends’ names and a bit about each one:

  • Minnie Mouse—Minnie’s iconic red and white polka dot dress, big bow, and yellow shoes are a classic look that has inspired many Halloween costumes. During Spring you’ll often see her looking Easter fabulous & fashionable in her pink and white polka dot dress.
  • Donald Duck—With his blue and yellow sailor hat and shirt, Mickey’s hilariously cranky friend often runs into trouble and has meltdowns. When he loses his cool, it’s usually Mickey Mouse or Daisy Duck that calms him down.
  • Daisy Duck—Daisy is Minnie’s best friend. She also is one Donald’s sweetheart. Daisy Duck wears a big pink bow and lavender shirt with her light pink shoes.
  • Goofy—This tall silly guy is known for saying, “Gawrsh” when things get a little messy. He wears a tall green hat, an orange long sleeve shirt, a black vest, and blue pants.
  • Pluto—Is Mickey’s dog who always seems to be digging up trouble. He wears a green collar and loves chasing Chip and Dale, though he’d never hurt his chipmunk friends.

Mickey Disney Coloring Pages

I hope you enjoy these printable Mickey Mouse coloring pages. With six designs to choose from getting creative with your kids has never been easier!

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